Lives in London, United Kingdom Born on January 1, 1980 · Male
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Straight Slave
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Dominant Female
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Rules i try and live by
1. your mistresses pussy likes to cum often. Make it so.
2. you may cum only with your Owner’s explicit permission.
3. Savor your denial without breaking character at any time. Never ask to cum, and always express a preference to hold it in.
new years resolutions
1. Never cum on my own, the only time i cum is after mistress, or maybe as she cums (i.e. no cumming due to masturbation)
1a. as of the end of september 2015 ive cum just 9 times (1 per month)
1b. as of the end of september 2015 mistress has cum 41 times (a 4 to 1 ratio, but it is not enough i know this)
2. daily training
2a. edging and practicing control, giving myself ruined orgasms and self milking
2b. deep throat practice, i want to be able to take mistresses dildo as commanded
2a. increase pain threshold by clamping nipples, and when possible self cbt
i believe in honesty 100%, and so would like to make a couple of declarations (in order of importance):
1st. i think about femdom each and every day, i believe that the female is by far the more sophisticated, powerful, beautiful, rightfully dominant sex.
2nd. im married, to a beautiful lady, but a very vanilla lady. I treat her like my Mistress, i tend to her needs, i cook, clean do things round the house, recently ive been making an extra effort, i give her massages, i go down on her for extra long periods of time. But its very hard, its really really hard to be a full time slave, and im not even a slave, im just doing it to experience as best i can the reality of 24/7 service.
3rd. i want to be a slave but am scared i dont have what it takes, people say it far too flippantly, "i want to be a slave, let me serve you Mistress". i would like to know, do i have what it takes?
4th. i live to go down, it makes me so so horny when im down there, after 45 minutes just the slightest touch will make me cum, and i have many times just by pleasuring with my tongue. ive been encouraging my wife to grab my head and pull it in, to rub my nose on her button as hard as she needs, she is getting rougher, but i yearn to have my face properly ridden.
5th. i have a massive foot shoe and leg fetish. i dont think my wife truly gets it, ive bought her so many shoes, stockings, skirts and dresses, but she still wears jeans and trainers. i know its not my place to try and change her but it would be nice, maybe its all just wishful thinking on my part. But i would happily never cum again if i could worship her feet and legs properly with heels and stockings, omg, when she does i cant stop myself from falling to my knees and kissing her legs all the way to her feet and shoes.
What do i want?
a very good question, and one i still cant answer, after all this time. But i do know i have my fantasies about serving. About being naked, humbler/chastity device between my legs, arms tight behind my back. Im on my knees before my Mistress who is sitting in a big comfortable chair. Im commanded to pleasure her with my tongue. She grabs my head roughly and makes sure i do a good job giving my ass an occasional whip with her crop and my balls an occasional poke/kick with her heels or boots. I dream about this every day. one day i hope, one day. in my fantasies, if she is feeling well serviced she rubs my cock with her shoe or boot, if im really lucky i can hump her stockinged leg. but always she ruins my orgasm, sometimes painfully, other times by just stopping and letting me dribble out. but always i have to lick it up.
I dont know how much pain i could take for my Mistress, i suspect not much, but for a beautiful Dom i would push my limits for Her. But just to experience it, to experience a superior Lady getting off on my pain, well that is the stuff fantasies are made of.
Location: london, Surrey, Guilford, dorking, leatherhead, rigate, epsom, sutton, redhill.
Bondage, CBT, Body Worship, Canes and Crops, Chastity, Collars, Corsets, Gags, Orgasm Control, Whips
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