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A bright, kind, handsome, honest man of integrity and sincerity sks intelligent Caucasian, East or West Asian woman of good character and values likely under 57 years of age.
I now know I reached my 50s unmarried because I avoided the sort of woman I should have been with all these years, who deserved my devotion and obedience, and would mold and inspire me to be worthy of Her time and attention and approval.
This was due to the usual alpha male ego issues, and my inner Tom Sawyer who wanted to avoid anyone who kept him from running off with Huck Finn at a moment's notice.
It is something I have tried to suppress inside my outward fa├žade of the capable alpha male since my boyhood, spent longing for the life where my most-worshipful grammar school teacher alternated between praising me for pleasing her and spanking the daylights out of me for wanting to see her in her underwear.
Then, I read an article on prostate health, which said direct stimulation of the prostate leads to sexual climax of mind-blowing proportions unknown to most men. Intrigued, I did some research.
It was then I found my way to and past the mainstream stereotype of the dominatrix in a shiny cat suit. And I fell down the rabbit hole to the real world of FLRs where prostates are lured and ensnared, stimulated but denied, their owners held accountable for all the trouble prostates cause, and emasculated into bois or even goils, who are paddled and pegged and locked into little cages by superior females who hold the key to more than just a man's heart.
I've never been the same since.
I would like to connect with, date, or begin learning from a woman of good character, mind, and values who wants the sort of relationship where our friends and families see us as such a good couple, and how attentive I am to your comforts, without anyone suspecting what goes on behind the closed doors where the greater power exchange ensues and your female superiority rules the roost.
I shall close with acknowledging that, by and large, the world would be a much better place if women were in charge of us males, who only evolved at all to provide the means of stirring the gene pool through sexual congress - which is why we still have a "one track mind" about such things. And why the hope of fulfilling our crude carnality remains the lure that brings us under the yoke of more highly-evolved feminine influence.
By and large, women make better decision makers and managers. Certainly, all of the very best stage managers I worked with during my years directing plays in NYC were women. And it remains my sincere belief that if there were a constitutional amendment saying at least one of the two senators from every state had to be female, America and the rest of the world would be a much better place. We would stop selling so many weapons of mass destruction to petty tyrants to use on their own people and neighboring tyrants, and the USA would finally become the true enlightened model of peace and prosperity for the rest of the world.
**NOT INTERESTED in girls young though to be my daughter**
Who I'd Like to Meet
** NOT INTERESTED in girls young enough to be my daughter**
A woman of maturity and substance.
If she had enough of an actual spanking fetish that was compelled to remain well-behaved just to reduce the frequency of how over I end up over her knee, it couldn't hurt.
Um, so to speak.
169 lbs
Orgasm Control, Strap-on, Spanking, Corner Time, Chastity, Canes and Crops