December 11, 2012 by
Just a quick little quiz to see if i could be your maid
1. How often would i be wearing a maid uniform?
2. How often would I be in bondage?
3. Would you decide what I wear?
4. Would I be kept in a chastity belt?
5. What Kind of Shoes would I be allowed to wear?
WoW..Maybe i Need a Maid!!
We Seem PERFECT Together!
Do You Like to be Used too?
Mmm, I would love a sexy little maid!
I'd like to be someone's maid...
LOL, you cant be a "Maid" if in bondage all of the time.
And you will be used completely naked at a whim as well.
Best of luck.
80/100 not bad for a slave:)
chuckles at percentage. Final answers always come down to the Dominant.
seem to be perfect