Simone West

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Hi. I'm Simone West. I'm a ProDomme in NYC recently returning from a yearlong hiatus. I'm 29, 5'10", G-cup, full-figured but proportional, blonde, and blue-eyed. I have two Master's Degrees, one of them for librarianship. I've spent the last 10 years or so in non-pro scenes as both a sub and a Dom. I want submissives/bottoms/masochists to book sessions with me for activities like foot worship, beatings, domestic service (if you're lucky enough to be allowed into my home or if yours is a sufficient mess), nipple torture, more general torture, bondage, forced crossdressing, potentially financial domination, and a wide variety of other things. If you'd prefer to try something virtually, let me know, and we can experiment. Ask questions. The worst I can say is "No, worm, that's another 30 whacks with the paddle." Or maybe that's the best I can say. ;-)