The Church of the Good Life Now

A new look at Religion

What is Needed is a Redirection of Worship

From Faith Biased Worship

to a Sexual Based Worship

Instead of Worshiping these Religions that are Based on a Falsehoods

A Movement is Needed:


To End all Crime & Strife in The World


Sexual Repression is the cause of most crime

You commit a Crime to get Money to get Sex or Drugs or Booze, if you can’t get the Sex

Solution an Organization that promotes Sexual Expression

With Save Easy method to facilitate Release of Endorphins that promote the pleasure response

With Regular Medical Testing for Members so sex can be Free of Anxiety

The Church of Good Life Now

Believes in

The A Intelligent Non Dominating Creator who Built Earth and the Solar System then got Evolution started Later on Killed off the dinosaurs then left the Area

CofTGLN is a culturally open minded society

An open sexual nudist society

CofTGLN is enriched by the principles of the Karma Sutra

And the Plethora of Sexual Positions and Phallic worship

An analogy I would like to explore:

A person plants some seeds in the Ground,

A Plant Grows

God seeds Earth with Life, so Life Evolves

“A Man Deposits his Seed in a female Life Grows”

So the Penis and semen are the closes thing to God on Earth

So Man always should come first then the woman’s Needs

All women are taught from a Young age to sit nude with legs open instead of closed in the effort to show off their beautiful hairless vertical smile

All Men are Created Equal

All women are Created Equal

All Men and women are NOT Created Equal

GOD Created women to be the slave for Man’s Pleasure

Loveliness is a woman’s Obligation the result is her Greatest Reward

All women were designed for Sexual Pleasure

A Man’s Penis is the Giver of Life

The Semen is the Fluid of Life

All women and Men Are to Worship the Semen



It is to be Completely Consumed Internally in the female either

Orally, Anally or Genitally (By Mouth, Ass or Pussy)

Cannot be touched With the Hands only by Female tongue or a Man's Penis

If on Face or Body must be left there until Licked

Off by another female

All women are to Worship the Penis and the Pleasurable Extraction of the Fluid of Life

All women are responsible for beautifying themselves to attract a Penis to Extract the Fluid of Life

Loss of Oral, Anal and Vaginal Virginity will be a celebrated event in a young girl’s life




The Creator made our bodies to function

A certain Way and to not use them is wrong for a woman to

Have all these ways to pleasure…..and not use them is against nature

Male Homosexuality is going against God's Planed Way

But combine a woman between the two Males a Double penetration Gang Bang is Fine

A Male [chick with tits] Transvestite with a lesbian female is great but not another Male

And strive to teach Female Bi sexuality though out the group

Another solution might be to fix this problem could be the promotion of Bi Dual Coupling where two Homosexual couples one Male and the other female Make an Association if only for Procreation but also would help with the outwardly integration into the Male Heterosexual/ bi female community

And if Children are produced then they can know a traditional submissive mother and Dominant Father

female bisexuality for entertainment only is allowed when men are not available

Pleasure is good

The Experience of Sexual Pleasure brings a person

Closer to the force of the Intelligent Creator

All Pleasure should be given freely and openly to all

To facilitate this Order Clothing will be Optional for Men,

Clothing Not Allowed for women when in private

Clothing required or Allowed for women will be Thigh high stocking with or Without Garter Belts and High Heeled Shoes

Restricting access to a Sexual Pleasure Zone is not permitted

All women are to sit with Legs Open at all times displaying their Vaginas

Displaying their Vertical Smiles

A women's Body hair will be removed from the Tip of the Nose to the bottom of the Toes (by Shaving or by Laser Hair removal)

A women's Head hair will not be Cut Short but remain long

A women's Oral, Anal, and Vaginal Cavities will remain Cleaned, and Lubricated at all times

For immediate pleasurable stimulation of the Penis

When Pleasuring the Penis it will be taken all the way to the base

On every stroke

All women will be trained in oral deep throat

Daily or when needed women will be given a break from sexual pleasure for internal orifice cleaning and lubrication

A woman of Sexual Age to age 30 or so will be used for Sexual Pleasure

Sexual Age to be determined by Law

After 30 Years they will be allowed to get Pregnant,

If not late in Pregnancy they will be used for Sexual Pleasure

After 40 years they will be re-assigned to the offshore training camp

And if younger women get pregnant the fetus will be transferred to the 40 year old women to carry to term

This technology will be developed at “The Church of the Good Life Now University”

Genetics division

Cooking and Cleaning will naturally be Done “in the Nude”

After 50 years they will do the Cooking and Cleaning and Pleasing of the older Men

A group of Men will be appointed Overseer's for awarding Points

Points will be awarded for Beauty

Points will awarded for completely swallowing

the Fluid of Life and Style in doing it

Points will be used to upgrade a Woman's Living Status

Men will be cared for completely by the women

all bodily functions will be taken care of

There Pubic areas will also be kept clean shaven

by the females

Young females 18 year old Virgins

Will be taught to please males

anally and Orally

So they are able to please Men and limit the possibility of


Minimal Clothing will only be allowed for time in Public

Very short skirts with no Panties underneath

First Piecing of the Bellybutton is the With the Church of the Good Life Now Medal

A Church of the Good life Now Girl will present an air of sexual freedom

To all who join with her in the Church

And to do that you have to pass Medical testing regularly and promise not be Promiscuous outside the Church population

Young Adults Will be requited from High schools

Birth control will be used and all Men will be encouraged to cum deep in a woman’s orifice whether it be Mouth, Ass or Vagina

Cloths designed to be quickly remove

Once back on “The Church of Good Life Now”

University Grounds

Tops will be loose and cut to see bellybutton

Female Body Piercing will be part of the Rituals of the Church

The First Piecing will be of the Bellybutton that will be When Joining the Church of the Good Life Now with the Insignia of the Church

She will then start to learn oral and anal sex and her nipples will be pierced when she demonstrates Expert ability in these disciplines

First the right for Oral Then left for Anal

A Church of the Good life Now Girl will present an air of sexual freedom

To all who join with her in the Church

And to do that you have to pass Medical testing regularly and promise not to fuck outside the Church population

Violation of this policy

will get sever Penalties

The Science Behind

“The Church of the Good Life Now”

Based on Principals of Natural Science

That state things like:

A Proof of evolution is that the percentage of salt in the ocean is the same as that of the human body, proving that humans evolved from the ocean whether there was an intermediate step where we were some kind of ape just makes sense.

Or an Alien being had a Hand is changing our DNA

Then if you want to prove the existence of a Superior Being or “God” then you could understand several true natural facts about our Solar System the first being that the Earth is just the right distant from the Sun that it needs to be for life to exist on it. The reason for that is liquid water. Water is only liquid in a very short range usually it is either frozen or steam.

The second reason is the Tilt of the Earth the Earth is Tilted 23 degrees on its Axis this Tilt allows for the seasons without the seasons there would be no farming and no life as we know it.

The third reason is the placement of the outer planets if Jupiter and Saturn weren’t there Earth would get pelted by meteoroid every 100 or so years instead of 100,000 or so now

There would be no Life as we now it

The Fourth Scientific fact about Earth that it was Intelligently Designed by a Higher Being is the Electromagnetic Field around this planet that shields is from space weather without it life would not exist as we know it. No other planet yet known anything like it

Another reason is Our Atmosphere is 21% Oxygen if it was just a few % less we would not be able to Breath if it was just a few % more everything would Burn up

Another fact is the Distance of the Moon to Earth it is the exact distance it needs to be for the Tides to cleanse the earth every Day any farther or closer the Sea would cover the Land every night or not cleanse the shoreline

If a Creator wanted us to worship it, It would

explain that to us- not leave us in the Dark,

Makes no Scientific Sense

But the Universe is so Huge

That to think that this grain of sand on the Ocean of the Universe is so special just makes no scientific sense

What is more logical is that whatever created the Universe

Is so busy off with other things in the Universe

what happens on this grain of sand makes no difference

All Current Organized Religion is here for Political Control and Profit

And when they venture into anything other than helping the Poor and downtrodden they are Overstepping their God Given Power

The Basic Concept of

“The Church of The Good Life Now”,

is Proff a ‘Superior Being’ Created The Universe and Started everything in Motion.

Then Evolution took over the continuing process.

Then ‘The Superior Being’ continued on to the rest of the Universe leaving Earth to develop.

There is too Much Perfection and Order for it Not to Be a Thought Out Process Things were done in an orderly process.

The Earth Here, the Moon here.

That proves Thought over Time:

or Intelligence

The Meteor that then

Killed of the Dinosaurs was a Calculated Plan

It was directed to the spot it hit for maximum Devastation

That Proves an Intelligent Being is controlling Us

After Billions of Years the Dinosaurs then died out

Travelers from space came to Earth

And Manipulated our DNA

(the Missing link)

and created Modern Man

The point I am trying to make is that all the current Religions have nothing to do with The Creation of Us and the Universe, They are based on visits by Alien Ancient Astronauts That Influence Ancient Man to Built the Pyramids in Egypt and Central America, Easter Island Machu Pechu in Peru etc.

, Stone Hinge is a Model of the Solar System

They then took their Toys and Left

Back to the Orion Nebula Area.

Proof is

The Great Pyramids in Egypt’s design and lay-out

The distance around All four Sides of the Great Pyramid

add up to the Circumference of the Earth

And the Placement of the 3 Pyramids at Giza

and Mayan Pyramids in Central America

are Laid-out in the shape of the Orion nebula

We Don’t Have the Technology to Build the Pyramids Today!

A Quote from the Bible…

“Nephilim”..or…[they came down]

The aliens left us to populate the World like for example, when the Spanish explorers came to the New World, they brought livestock like Pigs and horses and released them to multiply so when they returned much later they would have Game to hunt and Eat!

The Alien Astronaut’s did the same with Humans. They left us here to populate the planet and upon their return we will be FOOD!

All Current Religion’s on Earth are Based on Myths

about them arriving and leaving

That is why

“The Church of the Good Life Now”,

Believes that people should all get along and enjoy life to its Fullest while we can because when the aliens return we are destined to be FOOD! for their Bellies

A 7 course Meal

The bugs then Animals will be the Appetizer

The Trees and Plants the Salad

Humans will be The Entree

The Fruit trees Desert

They will already have all the Alcohol because they taught us that when they were here before

A “Church of the Good Life Now” University Will be founded

A Department at The

‘Church of the Good Life Now University’

The: female slave Training Program Institution

Birth Control & Sexual diseases Prevention

Plastic Surgery

female slave Training Institution

Will conduct Research into:

To Training a Group of Perfect women Sex Slaves

…….Teach them only to Fuck and Suck

And swallow Cock.

They will be taught starting at Age 18 to Please a Man .

The Uvula will be removed in the back of the throat to facilitate No Gagging Deep throat. The Vocal cords will also possibly be severed if she cannot be taught to be silent she should only be able to moan and not talk. All necessary Plastic surgery for breast

or Cosmetics will be performed.

When entering a room they will be taught to strip Naked; attach there collar if not already on and either sit with legs spread wide; or just in a naked Mans lap

Most or all of their Adult life will be spent Naked only wearing a pair of high heels or boots. Diet will consist of as much seamen as they can swallow and her Master’s Pee to Drink

…… also will share with other women pass around back and forth.

When slave reaches 30 Years Old she will be

Pierced in the Clitoris this will signify her

Beginning of her Vaginal Fucking Years

And of course since all sex is bareback with cum deep inside Pregnancy

A ritual of a three Hole Fuck at the Alter

Her giving of her “Virgin Pussy” along with Deep Cock Sucking Deep Anal

Fully Populated Fuck session with the High Priest

[this is where the girl will get three cocks fully deep inside her] And all ejaculating

at the same time and two more in her hands warming up

on completion of the “Alter Gang-Bang Ritual”

At night they will be Taught to sleep with a cock down their throats, in a “69”

position or what I call the “Thigh Pillows” Position.

A Church of the Good Life now Girl will carry herself in public with a sense of giving freedom she will Never ,refuse access to any of her pleasure zones so public dress will consist of short skirt and never underwear or bra.

When sitting legs must be spread wide apart

for complete access at all times display her vertical smile. Also she will have a clean lubricated Ass hole

at all times.

A Church of the Good Life Now, Girl Lives, off only:

cock sucking

and the drinking of Male urine . She will be taught to drink right from cock to mouth like a penis is a facet.

All female consumable will be penis related she will be taught that to believe her religion commands her that the only substances’ ingested by her should be penis related.

Women are only Taught 4 things to Fuck, Suck ,Cook and Clean that is it……………….

Any Work outside the Home will be Naked related


Nude waitress


Nude Sexatary

Nude Gymnast

Nude Model


Porn star

Porn Fluffier

Conceived and Written by