Poll: Humiliation?
December 19, 2012 by
What are the favorite types of humiliation for doms to give and subs to receive.
I love sph cfnm public verbal
What about different type?
As for me, i like to be treated like a thing. Rare, beautiful, lovely, but not human. Something that is cute, something to love, to share with friends, to do everything... That kind of humiliation really turns me on.
(Sorry for my bad english).
It is never the place of the submissive or slave to say what type of humiliation (or any form of this lifestyle) that one prefers. It is always the will of their Master(s) or the one they are with to explain what is to be enjoyed.
Normally I required interviewing slaves to give me detailed description of what they wish to achieve, and there desires.
I then use their list to create unique humiliation for each. This keeps me on my toes:) and also keeps me stretching my limits as there Dom.
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I chose private, but that is only thee best choice that was given in the list. To me, humiliation and degradation is a very intimate thing between two (or more) people. And because of the intimate nature of humiliation, all participants need to be honest with each other and find out what works for them. I may find verbal humiliation very arousing with one person, but a turn off with another. So it depends on how I connect with the other person emotionally.
i have always felt the public humiliation unleashed on me is the most appropriate, as it lets others know of my status as the lowest of the low and frees them from any 'respect' they might otherwise have misguidedly felt towards me.