Im in a very vanilla relationship at the moment. I love my wife, i worship her, in my mind i serve her kneel before her. But in reality she is quite plain, she can be hot as hell, i know she would make a beautiful wicked strict Mistress.
The question is how can i trasform her, how can i get her to realise how powerfull she really is. how can i become married to the Femdom Mistress of my dreams?
Thankyou for your advise Master
ive been doing some more research and found this article that i have started to follow. she certainly likes the cunniligus every night :-)
If she's as submissive as she seems to be, the answer is to get her a dominant boyfriend. He can fuck her brains out for you while you defer to him and kiss his ass in every way imaginable.
i could help you teach her to be your Mistress
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