Hey slaves out there,
I'm a mistress looking for a money slave. You are not only to be my puppet and my slave, you get also to give me complete control of your finances and let me know everytime you spend money. I will give you tasks to complete, and ask for your discipline and comittement. I want you to feel safe with me so you will be requiered to always honor your misstress with the truth and tell her what your limits and kinks are. you will be requiered obedience and you are gonna be treated like the slave you deserve to be.
Only obedient and serious slaves are welcome to answer this message. I'm not wasting my time if you don't know what you want.
I speak french, english and spanish so feel free to send me a message in any of these languages.
If I find you fill my requests we can start an epistolary (e-mail) interaction. you will be asked to write very detailed reports about your tasks and punishments and how you feel.
pm me to give you my e-mail adress
hello mistress my name is John I am 29 years old I'm not New York I am looking for a mistress that is willing to train me I do have a job I don't make a lot of money but I work very hard. I'm looking for 24 /7 live in service I don't have any previous experience but I have done many years of research and I want to be a 24 /7 live in slave to serve my mistress always. I'm willing to give over complete and total control submit to my owner 100%. I truly hope to hear back from you if you're not interested maybe you know somebody who is looking for a 24 7 new slave to train and mold according to their willthank you for your time reading this my email mistress Slave4mylove85@gmail.com once again thank you for your time look forward to hearing from you sincerely slave John
would you come dominate & train me on my cam on Skype? im a late 40's male. i am ddavew2000 on skype, will you add me as a friend and come dominate me there please
hi mistress I'm a very sub male