August 11, 2014 by
In the past, the BDSM lifestyle started with a Dom/Domme getting to know a Sub/Slave first. You needed to know their wants, needs, and expectations before you got into a relationship. There are so many facets of this lifestyle that you needed to know these things. Even then you still needed to earn honor, respect, and most importantly Trust. These things did not just happen because you were horny. They came with time, learning each other, and Love. But now it seams people are just looking for a quick fix, a quick lay. It doesn't matter with who, or what you are doing, as long as you get off. To me this is not what makes a true BDSM relationship. It's just Sex. Some may say i am to old fashioned thinking this way. But i believe this is what has become of the lifestyle. I hope some of you agree with me. I know some won't. I would really like to hear what you all feel about this. So lets talk.

August 21, 2014 by
Whatever happened to contracts between D's and sub's? I always thought it was a gesture of respect of the D for the s to engage in a contract. And if contracts are so "old fashioned", then why aren't the titles Sir/Master/Mistress/Domme done away with?

August 6, 2014 by
Ok, let me be honest. This book and especially the movie coming out is seriously pissing me off! Yep, I just have to call this so let's write few words about it. Let's take a look what this so called dominant man Mr Grey is about: - Disrespectful, abuses verbally - Bad temper, low self-esteem which causes him to go haywire and damages and destroys everything around him since he's so "dominant" he can't even control himself - Due to his low self-esteem, controls goings, comings, meetings and reacts badly when things don't go his way - Doesn't really pay attention to her, it's all about him Now to me, that sounds more or less like an abusive man who has no idea what dominant man could be about. Control yourself, respect her, take care of her and seek to it that she's happy, it's your responsibility. What he's doing is pretty much just yet another abusive prick who I'd be happy to see spending the next 40 years in prison. And the sad thing is, now people are reading this bullshit, soon watching movie about it and they think they know what BDSM is all about. Now how sad is that?

May 25, 2014 by
As it seems cm closed down completely I think it's finally time for a change. I have been a member in collarme for years, but I have honestly grown quite tired the way it has gone lately. Just lots of spam and fakes. Especially the fakes have pissed me off big time in recent times, more and more are coming in over there and I've really grown tired of it. I hope that this site continues to grow and administrators keep doing a good job as they seem to be doing now, deleting the fakes and keeping this site as the cleanest one I have seen. Only if there would be more members in here it would be perfect, but one can hope right?

August 21, 2014 by
Well, less than 24 hours and I'll be attending my first munch. Scared? Hell yes. Nervous, sure am. All the doubts and curiosity and questions and wondering if they'll like me and will I find someone. All these thoughts going round and round in my head. All the reading I've done and listening to people talk about it. Well, in less then 24 hours I'll know. A good friend is going with me and I'll have my car. I can always walk out if I want. And I'm still nervous as hell.

September 18, 2014 by
That's right, where and when did BDSM start from? Approximate timeframe, where in the world? Who decided on safe words and contracts and all the other associated with BDSM. I have to admit, I'm interested in the history of it. Who decided all the rituals and formalities of it? The protocol? Who and how did it evolve? I know what BDSM is, pretty sure I'm in the DS part of it (LOL). And who decided that D/s should be done that way? Why not make it D/S? Next, who decides what a DOM/Master/Sir is? Are there classes? Do you take a test? Are you a journeyman/intern? Who decides when you have the qualifications? I have to admit, I'm looking forward to seeing some answers to my questions and I am serious about my questions. V/r

August 7, 2014 by
Finding someone you trust enough to have casual sex with is bad enough, but finding someone who is into the same kink as you, fills the right position and has the mutual attraction going is almost impossible for some of us.And I am including myself here. As a tiny girl I am already a little cautious about how I approach people (very well knowing that if push comes to shove I will definetely not have the upper hand) and adding my submissive nature to the mix is definetely not helping.I know that I am naive in thinking my first relationship or sex or whatever is going to be what I want, but even if my experience is solely on paper I know my desires and what gets me going.So what to do? Well I kind of chose the internet and an anonymous approach to things, just so I can have the safety of getting to know the person that I give the power to dominate me before anything physical actually happens. It might not work out and maybe I won't find someone to serve here, but at least I know I am being save about all of this.Since I hardly have real life contacts in this field I have to kind of dig around and try to find information that is credible and sensible online on how to find someone to obey, without giving someone who doesn't understand what it means to be a real master/mistress the power to abuse me.What I am trying to say is...hi there! If anyone maybe wants to share some secrets on how to find the right partner for this or wants to chat I would be really happy to hear from youLove and DevotionGrace

August 12, 2014 by
For all subbies only. What do you want in a Dominant? Are you interested in a one night stand or a one time session? Or, are you looking for a relationship? Do you want someone to get to know who you are before a session or relationship? How important is trust to you? Are you interested in something strictly cyber or more personal? Are you interested in just bedroom only or a 24/7 D/s relationship? And most of all, DO YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS A TRUE DOM/DOMME, building a relationship that will last?

December 11, 2012 by
Age old question:How can you hurt the one you love?Answer: Let me count the ways...1 and only 1 subspace flier wanted!If the above is not enough to get the point across nothing will!BTW I am a Scorpio so deal with it!