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There has been an influx of fakes and scammers here lately, If you want to do something about it, then send the screeneames and corresponding emails for proof to me and they will be delt with, Complaining in open forum is not gonna get rid of them, so be proactive and report them Littlemissmimi--MOderator

June 7, 2014 by
I saw the topic about black supremacy here which seemed to go into racism and step over the line, which admins rightfully so removed. I do not believe raceplay is something what should be forced to anyone not into it, but I'm curious how many of us are into it? I admit myself that I love to use a white woman and use her white race as part of her humiliation BUT ONLY if she is into it as well.

August 6, 2016 by
I am a VERY discreet BDSM Mistress and i am looking for a Submissive guys, who has the same passion about Serving a Dominant Woman for Discreet Sessions to serve me for my Sexual pleasures and desire. Are you interested to serve? Are you willing to do this and learn? A little about me. So i am Single Woman, 27 yrs old, I am a Private Nurse.

August 11, 2014 by
In the past, the BDSM lifestyle started with a Dom/Domme getting to know a Sub/Slave first. You needed to know their wants, needs, and expectations before you got into a relationship. There are so many facets of this lifestyle that you needed to know these things. Even then you still needed to earn honor, respect, and most importantly Trust. These things did not just happen because you were horny. They came with time, learning each other, and Love. But now it seams people are just looking for a quick fix, a quick lay. It doesn't matter with who, or what you are doing, as long as you get off. To me this is not what makes a true BDSM relationship. It's just Sex. Some may say i am to old fashioned thinking this way. But i believe this is what has become of the lifestyle. I hope some of you agree with me. I know some won't. I would really like to hear what you all feel about this. So lets talk.

August 16, 2014 by
this is what happened to me and when i posted it in two groups in another bdsm site was told i should keep it to my private wall a few years ago i was the victim of two lying female subs who ruined my reputation by paying someone to beat up my sub at the time then continued on by paying someone to harass me and set me up on a bunch of false meets to make me look bad. i have stayed quite about this issue for a long time but now it needs to be brought out. to my knowledge one of the subs now considers herself a switch and the other is still a sub or slave. the whole issue here is that because they were jealous of me and my sub they decided to ruin it by having her stalked and attacked then making sure that every thing was emailed to me in detail so i could catch the blame for it. there are ones in the community who automatically believed that i would do these things without first speaking to me. i am not going to hide the fact that i was dumb enough to fall for the traps they had set up for me but if i really wanted someone beat up i would have done it myself and i would have not called and reported the emails and the threats to the police in her town or in mine. i have now noticed that there is a double standard in the lifestyle and community at large let a Dom or Master be treated this way and it is fine but let a sub or slave get treated like this and all hell will break loose including threats of bodly harm

August 21, 2014 by
Whatever happened to contracts between D's and sub's? I always thought it was a gesture of respect of the D for the s to engage in a contract. And if contracts are so "old fashioned", then why aren't the titles Sir/Master/Mistress/Domme done away with?

August 6, 2014 by
Ok, let me be honest. This book and especially the movie coming out is seriously pissing me off! Yep, I just have to call this so let's write few words about it. Let's take a look what this so called dominant man Mr Grey is about: - Disrespectful, abuses verbally - Bad temper, low self-esteem which causes him to go haywire and damages and destroys everything around him since he's so "dominant" he can't even control himself - Due to his low self-esteem, controls goings, comings, meetings and reacts badly when things don't go his way - Doesn't really pay attention to her, it's all about him Now to me, that sounds more or less like an abusive man who has no idea what dominant man could be about. Control yourself, respect her, take care of her and seek to it that she's happy, it's your responsibility. What he's doing is pretty much just yet another abusive prick who I'd be happy to see spending the next 40 years in prison. And the sad thing is, now people are reading this bullshit, soon watching movie about it and they think they know what BDSM is all about. Now how sad is that?

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(This is a role play story between a committed couple who have talked about doing this for months. Discussing the rules of what was ok with both of them.) Sorry for not saying this sooner. You are getting ready for work and rush out the door because you are running a little late. You never saw me as I grab you from behind and drag you back inside. My hand covering your mouth to muffle your screams for help. My other arm is wrapped around your waist and I pick you up so you can't drag your feet. I have no time to waist I must get you inside before someone see's us and calls the police. I kick the door closed and fight to get you to your bedroom. Your arms and legs are swinging wildly and your hands are grabbing anything and everything they can to try and stop us from getting to your room. Pictures, lamps, tables, chairs were all being knocked around as you continue to try and stop me from moving forward. Since I first grabbed you I've ben whispering in your ear the things I want to do to you. We finally get to your bedroom and we both fall onto your bed. I wrestle with you and quickly handcuff your hands to the bedpost. After both hands are cuffed I get off you and watch you struggle to free yourself. You are so sexy as I watch your tits bounce and your legs kick. My dick is hard as I watch you. I find some belts and get two to tie your legs to the foot of your bed. Now with you in place and on display for my enjoyment I run my hands up your legs. I get to your crotch and rub your pant covered pussy hard. I tell you I can't wait to see it and taste it and finally fuck it. You start to scream so I take off my shirt and stuff it in your mouth. I slap your face and tell you to shut up. I firmly caress your cheek as I look into your eyes. I tell you that you have very pretty eyes but I don't want your innocent eyes to see the nasty things I'm going to do to you. I pull a blindfold out of my pocket and put it on you. I'm sad to cover your eyes but this is for the best. I'm now ready to get you naked. My dick is throbbing as I start to cut your clothes off. I start with your pants and expose your lovely legs. They are soft and smooth as my hands rub them. I disguard your cut up pants and start in on your shirt. I slowly cut the bottom of your shirt and move up to your neck. As I rip the rest of your shirt off you I notice your sexy black lace bra. My dick is harder then it's ever been as I stare at it looking how it makes you look so beautiful. I start to caress the bra enjoying how it feels against my skin. I tell you that you are a dirty little slut and you want me to have you. It must be true why else would you ware such a sexy bra to work. Your bra is too sexy to cut off you so I just push it up over your tits and then attack your exposed nipples. My God your nipples taste so good and my hands squeeze them making them push against my face. I straddle your thigh and grind my hard cock on it as I continue to suck your wonderful tits. I'm driving myself crazy grinding on you and eating your tits. I pull myself away from your dirty whore body long enough to rip my pants and shoes off. When I'm naked I get back on you. Your skin feels so good against my dick. My pre-cum gets rubbed into your thigh as I grind it in to you. I tell you that I've ignored your little fuck hole long enough. I get between your legs and pull your lips apart and look into your wet hole. I tell you that you are a dirty fuck toy. Your pussy is all wet you slut. You want my dick in this fuck hole don't you whore? You body shakes and trembles from my touch and attention to your pussy. Your muffled screams have turned into muffled moans of pleasure. Your clit is rock hard and I tease it with my thumb as my mouth sucks and nibble on your pussy. Your body tenses up and you cum in my mouth. I drink every last drop and then slap your pussy and tell you that you are a good slut whore and very horny. I tell you I'm ready to fuck you dirty. You are a beautiful slut and now you will get fucked like the slut whore you are. I push my cock head against your pussy and clit and tell you my cum will soon be filling your womb. I push into your pussy and slowly start to fuck you. I tell you that my sperm will find your egg and will make a baby grow in you. Your body tenses up as I tell you how a baby is made. Your pussy grabs my dick as I plunge into you. I tell you that you would be a good mommy and tell you I will protect you both. I caress your belly and tell you this is where our child will grow for nine months. I kiss you and pump my cock deep and hard into your baby making hole. I can't hold it any more and slam into you telling you my seed will find your egg and make you a mommy and me a Daddy. My dick empty's and I kiss you softly. I keep my dick in you and start to suck on your tits. I tell you soon your tits will be full of milk for me and the baby. Your milk will be mine first and the baby can be second. Yes you are a dirty whore but you will be a great mom with me at your side.

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lets start out by saying that my name was given to me by a friend who was diagnosed with stage four lung and bone cancer. i will always use this name as long as i live because the man who gave me this name was my true and only sincere mentor. my training was started when i was 17 by my mentor he taught me self control and how to project my voice and make me even stronger more Dominate he pushed my limits and tested my control and self confidence. i spent almost 27 years being made to study and work with my mentors girls and they were way beyond out of control and i was made to reign them in which i did. i would love to continue my journey with the lifestyle and grow even better and stronger. over the time i have been in the lifestyle i have found that the green eyed monster of jealousy like to live strong in the communities of the lifestyle and that one or two jealous subs/slaves can ruin the name of even the best Master or Dom.

August 7, 2014 by
Finding someone you trust enough to have casual sex with is bad enough, but finding someone who is into the same kink as you, fills the right position and has the mutual attraction going is almost impossible for some of us.And I am including myself here. As a tiny girl I am already a little cautious about how I approach people (very well knowing that if push comes to shove I will definetely not have the upper hand) and adding my submissive nature to the mix is definetely not helping.I know that I am naive in thinking my first relationship or sex or whatever is going to be what I want, but even if my experience is solely on paper I know my desires and what gets me going.So what to do? Well I kind of chose the internet and an anonymous approach to things, just so I can have the safety of getting to know the person that I give the power to dominate me before anything physical actually happens. It might not work out and maybe I won't find someone to serve here, but at least I know I am being save about all of this.Since I hardly have real life contacts in this field I have to kind of dig around and try to find information that is credible and sensible online on how to find someone to obey, without giving someone who doesn't understand what it means to be a real master/mistress the power to abuse me.What I am trying to say is...hi there! If anyone maybe wants to share some secrets on how to find the right partner for this or wants to chat I would be really happy to hear from youLove and DevotionGrace