A Pretty

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A Pretty

October 14, 2014 by
I've always been really into the D/s scene, but I've never found anyone that fit for me, and I give up the search for a while because I lose hope, but somehow, it always drags me right back into it. I've always been a submissive that likes to test boundaries. I like to please (of course) but I like to see how far I can push until I am punished. It helps me feel secure in my place, and no-one seems to understand that when I try to explain. Pushing to see how far I can go out of the control set for me, shows me either how much my partner is paying attention, and/or how much they care. It shows me that they can keep me safe, from myself and from other things. Because if I start pushing the boundaries and they pull me back, then clearly it's where I'm supposed to be. If they pull me back, I know that I'm wanted, and as an insecure submissive, that's all I can ask for, is being wanted.

October 16, 2014 by
No, I haven't been sleepwalking, but it's the title of the song that I'm currently listening to as I type this and I didn't know what else to call this. Just checking in again, haven't in a bit, so I decided to write again. The past few days have been really extremely stressful and I just need to relax and disappear to someplace where stress doesn't exist. I have had this headache for the past few days and it just won't go away... I'm so tired, I just want to sleep for a few days and then maybe I'll feel better. Who knows.Anyway, I don't feel like writing too much right now, going to lay down and close my eyes for a bit.